IMG_0126The idea behind this blogging website came to me on a fine Saturday morning. As I was  lying down on my bed and lazily browsing Facebook, then accidentally I stumbled upon an article on blogging. The article was all about “How you can blog in 100 different ways ? “. It was quite interesting to learn how people from different interest, technology share their knowledge and experience to the larger audience.

Instantly the same desire erupted in my mind, Why not start blogging ? Followed with the next question, What to blog ?

I started banging my head on the topics, interests that I could think of or might pursue or would be able to write blog on it. After struggling a while, I started thinking quietly, Why not blog on Dot Net Technology. After all it has been my bread and butter for last 10+ odd years. As a daily practice, I do google on various issues, topics in order to accumulate some knowledge or address any issue. Why not keeping the daily learning in a web repository ? for my self-reference or it could as well help some one who is in search of that learning.

Bang bang-bang..So there comes into existence of “TheDotNetGuide” .  I was damn so excited that I registered the domain “TheDotNetGuide” the same morning  🙂

I hope that I could be a guide to all your dot net related queries and can provide the learning that I have garnered in past years 🙂

Feel free to contact me if you would like to share any of your learning or ideas to larger audience, I would be immensely glad to have that content posted in this website and let you get some goodies too. 🙂